Do it now

By Gisselle Hernandez, Features Editor 

There’s always a satisfying feeling that trails behind after hearing someone say, “You were right.” For most people, pride settles in when these words are uttered.  There has never been a time where I dreaded those words more than in 2017 regarding politics. Yes, this will be another anti-Trump column.

From the seven countries where immigrants were banned, thankfully, Belize was not one of them. However, this doesn’t remove the fear of what’s yet to come. From the months leading up to the election, despite the rightful anger felt towards the presidential candidate, many people I spoke with were skeptical Trump would follow through any of it. It’s unconstitutional, they said. Even some friends who received open prejudice simply because they were Muslim said nothing would actually happen to them because Trump was “all talk.”

To be honest, it sort of put me at ease. But I wasn’t all that familiar with the way the U.S. government worked, and after a while of hearing my peers scoff at the outrageous things he said, I thought the future might not be so bleak. I was still skeptical, though. And after the first week of Trump being in office, I have never detested being right as much as today.

Everyone has an opinion about the immigration ban, especially in Murray, whether they support it or not.  The constant fear of being stripped away from the home people have made for themselves because that Cheeto of a president is delusional, will never plague most people here. Let’s not pretend it will. There have been various arguments already in the interwebs of minorities stating this fact, but it qualifies now more than ever because people are actually being stripped of their human rights because of orders from an inhumane person. Open your doors. It is reasonable to see why so many would be for the temporary ban, but that does not make it logical to stick one big label on millions of people.

After the news of the immigration ban was released, the Institute of International Studies at Murray State sent out an email to all international students saying despite a time where foreign students may feel fear, they will always be there for us. It broke my heart because, I remember, last semester an international student went into the IIS office worried, asking if her student visa will be terminated if Trump becomes president. That nightmare is becoming reality. But I’m glad to see Murray State is offering their support.

Just because I’m not an American doesn’t mean I don’t have a voice. Some people don’t get to tell me what I should or should not get emotional about. But this is not only about me – it’s about millions of others who were detained in airports who were denied refuge.

There’s no denying we are going backward. You had the power. We didn’t. We can’t vote. But you could’ve. And you didn’t. The things you said in history classes, when you said, “If I was there, I would’ve…” Well, now’s your chance. Do it now.