Winslow to host RSVP only Valentine’s Day dinner

Story by Sabra Jackson, Contributing writer

Dining and Racer Hospitality Services is helping students reduce the stress of planning a special Valentine’s Day dinner by hosting an exclusive three course dinner at Winslow Dining Hall — RSVP only.

On Feb. 14, Winslow is hosting a special dinner from 6-8 p.m. The cost is a swiped meal plus $5 for students on meal plans or $15, which includes tax, for anyone without a meal plan.

The menu contains three courses. The first is a Frisee salad served with dinner rolls, honey butter and sparkling cider.

Second, a surf and turf of charbroiled steak and sauteed shrimp, haricot verts and mashed potatoes will be served. The final course will consist of a flourless-chocolate torte with caramel and raspberry toppings.

The vegetarian option will include a stuffed-portobello mushroom with the same sides and final course. For those who are interested, there is a vegan option upon request as well.

Tim Bruce, executive chef manager of Dining Services, said the steaks will be hand cut. Bruce said he and Nick Buckingham, chef de cuisine, put together the menu, which he believes is something that is upscale and meets a variety of diets.

“As people come in, we will be cooking to order,” Bruce said.

The steaks and shrimp will be cooked ahead of time, but everything else will be cooked as people are coming in, which is why salad will be served first.

“Restaurants take reservations because they have to know what to order and how much to order, and so that’s really the key to it” Bruce said.

He said they are taking reservations to know “just how many of these high-end steaks” to purchase and prepare for the meal.

“We are not stressing that it has to be couples, just those that just want to have a nice dinner,” Bruce said.

He said anyone can make a reservation of any size group, as long as they are within the 100 seats available.

Paula Amols, director of Dining Services, was the brain behind the dinner, while  Buckingham crafted the menus.

“A lot of times he is tasked with the nuts and bolts of making it happen,” Amols said.  

Those that would like to enjoy a regular meal at Winslow Dining Hall may still do so. Bruce said the remainder of the dining hall will still be open for anyone.

“The normal entrees will be out, and everything will be open just like normal for everyone else that did not RSVP for the meal,” Bruce said.

To reserve your spot for Valentine’s Day dinner, visit