Teddy Bears make finals week bearable

By Nick Erickson, Staff writer 

The Student Government Association put on a teddy bear stuffing event in the Rocking Chair Lounge of the Curris Center on Friday, Nov. 18.  

The event was sponsored by the Campus Activities Board, which puts on various events throughout the semester. These events serve the purpose of providing a fun environment outside of the classroom.

The event started at 10 a.m. and lasted until 2 p.m. Students who participated were given a wristband to verify they were partaking in the stuffing, to prevent a shortage to those waiting in line. The stuffing event was exclusive to students.

Rather than cotton, there were synthetic, fiber material to fill up the skins. Along with teddy bears, there was also bassett hounds and horses that could be stuffed. The skins had a zipper on the back side. Once students filled up the skins with the stuffing to their content, they simply zipped up the back.

Everyone who participated in making a teddy bear also received their very own certificate.

Vice President of the SGA Nathan Payne said because of the popularity of their personalized street signs event, the fraternity decided to do another event in which students can have something of their own.

“We decided to go with a free ‘build-a-bear’ event,” Payne said. “With dead week and finals coming up, we figured that this would be a good time for students to have something to destress themselves.”

Senator at-large Michael Mann also showed optimism in anticipation of the the event and its potential.

“I’ve never seen anything like this on campus before, and students are pumped,” Mann said. “It’s going to be a huge reliever for students who are stressed as the semester closes out.”

Mann also said the teddy bears were a way to comfort students during the week.

“Having the opportunity to hold and squeeze the teddy bears will make this week a lot more bearable,” Mann said.

Coordinator for Student Activities Jeanie Morgan said she was excited for the program.

“Going from street signs to wax hands over the years, this is a breath of fresh air,” Morgan said.

“If anyone has any suggestions for fun things the student body can do, let it be known,” Morgan said. “We’re always all ears, because after all, it’s the students who are doing this.”

Morgan said if the event went well, SGA is considering holding an event for Valentine’s Day where students can stuff red teddy bears.

After the event concluded, there was an after party in the Barkley Room of the Curris Center. It was free admission, and there was a showing of the film “Sausage Party.”