Exam stress: How not to die on dead week

By Melissa Bergmann, Contributing writer

Stress during finals week is unavoidable. Your GPA and every borderline grade you currently have in your classes, is riding on this one test. Students reading this article may be taking a break from thinking of all the studying they need to do, and there’s a slight ringing in their ears from stress that they probably should be concerned about. Here are a couple of things, though, that usually put the stress ear-ringing at ease.

Humor therapy

It’s been proven that laughing helps relieve stress, so take a study break and watch some Netflix! Some fan favorites to binge-watch are “The Office” and “How I Met Your Mother.” It is guaranteed Michael Scott will have you laughing so hard you forget all about the fact that you got a 40 percent on your last calculus exam!

Snack on crunchy foods

Some fellow “freshman 15” gainers will agree it is not the best to condone stress eating, but there are good ways to go about it! Snacking on foods like granola or apples will give you the protein boost you need to keep studying, and the crunch will help alleviate some stress. You can pretend every crunch is the head of that group member who didn’t pull their weight in your last group project.

Dogs are stress’ best friend

Most students’ in-class daydreams consists of being at home on Christmas break with your favorite furry friend in your lap. Although finals are keeping you from fulfilling that daydream, a trip to the Humane Society of Calloway County is full of lots of dogs and cats who are just waiting to get some love! Taking a short study break to play with some animals who could use the love and attention is a win for everyone involved.

Vent to friends

Sometimes the best therapy is just to let it all out. Find someone who can put up with your complaining, and just let loose over some coffee. Maybe offer to buy their coffee as a reward for dealing with you. When you’ve finally told them every detail of how you “Totally should’ve gotten that 72 percent rounded up to a 90 percent because you tried really hard,” go study together and let them get some complaining done too.

Treat yo’self

Finals week doesn’t have to be all bad! When you’ve finally completed that last exam, and all of your studying is done, reward yourself! Go out for sushi, get your nails done, get a nice “meal” at J’s! Do whatever it is that makes you happy and congratulate yourself on a job well done.

So pet a puppy, eat some granola, and laugh until your sides hurt; all at the same time or separately, your choice. No matter how you choose to alleviate your stress, just keep in mind that you WILL survive this week. Good luck, and may the curve be ever in your favor.