Tim Todd finalist for provost at James Madison University

Story by Emily Williams, Contributing writer

Tim Todd, dean of the Arthur J. Bauernfeind College of Business, was named a finalist for provost and senior vice president at James Madison University.

According to an email sent to faculty and staff at James Madison, the Provost Search Committee narrowed down their search to three finalists.

“James Madison is a tremendous university, but so is Murray State and I am truly honored to have been here for the past two decades,” Todd said.

Todd said the position at James Madison is similar to the provost position here. He said the chief academic officer at James Madison will represent all of academics to internal and external stakeholders, students, families, faculty, staff, administrators, alumni, citizens, legislatures and the general public.

“The role is to serve as both an activist and catalyst in advancing the academic fabric of the institution,” Todd said.

Michael Bokeno, chair of the organizational communication department at Murray State said in his experience with working with Todd, he found that he is outgoing, friendly and helpful.

“No question is beyond his latitude of acceptance and it is impossible to ask him a stupid question,” Bokeno said.

Bokeno said he believes Todd would be a good fit for the position at James Madison.

“You can only be a good dean for so long before I imagine you run out of significant challenges,” Bokeno said.

Don Chamberlin, chair of the accounting department at Murray State said Todd is a very strong leader and positive individual who leads by example.

“He is a dean who looks for a way to say yes,” Chamberlin said.

Chamberlin said Todd is extremely supportive of those who work for him and he believes Murray State’s loss would be James Madison’s gain if Todd were to accept the provost position at the university.

“There aren’t too many people that you will always hear good things about, but Tim is one of them,” Chamberlin said.