Stepping with purpose

By Brianna Willis, Assistant Features Editor

The lights were off, the music was loud and the thrills were high on Saturday night in Lovett Auditorium. With themes like “The Purge” and “Life” the movie, the National Panhellenic Council’s Step Show brought the laughs and the horror.

For Percy Sani, sophomore from Nigeria, she said what stood out most to her was the informative nature of some of the performances as well as the fun atmosphere.

“I wasn’t expecting to learn something,” she said. “But I really liked that. I like being able to learn something from anything I do, even if I went to just have a good time.”

Sani specifically said the “Black Lives Matter”–themed performance from Zeta Phi Beta Inc. moved her. She said it was a current issue, something that was informative and powerful.

However, it was the ladies of Delta Sigma Theta Inc. who walked away with a win in the sorority division that night.

“I started screaming as soon as they announced who won second place,” Jocelyn Rhimes, president of Delta Sigma Theta Inc., said.

Since Zeta Phi Beta Inc. and Delta Sigma Theta Inc. were the only two sororities who participated in the step show, as soon as the runner up was announced, performers such as Rhimes knew instantly they had won. This came as a relief to Rhimes as well as Tiara Bell, senior from Louisville, Kentucky, who both said they were anxious before their performance.  Because of technical difficulties, the Deltas had a minor delay in their performance  that was “The Purge” theme.

“We went right after intermission, and the DJ and the Host got intermission really live, so we were really anxious especially when the technical difficulties kicked in,” Rhimes said.

This did not deter them from bringing their best energy they said. All the practice and getting things set up worked out in their favor as they secured a win.

For the fraternity side, the men of Alpha Phi Alpha brought home the first place trophy. Their “Life” themed performance brought about laughter and cheers. Similarly, throughout the show there were moments of hilarity, with audience members laughing and engaging with the comedian host Dukk. Balancing this were moments of seriousness like the ladies of Zeta Phi Beta wearing shirts in honor of black men killed by police officers this year.

Sani said it is because of this balance between community and fellowship, as well as moments of thought and information that she would like to come back to Step Show next year. She said she encourages others to bring a friend and an open mind.

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Photos by Jenny Rohl/The News