Gov. Bevin will not appeal decision on university funding cuts

Staff Report 

Gov. Matt Bevin will not appeal the decision of the Kentucky Supreme Court ruling that said he could not reduce funding from an already established fiscal year budget.

“This was a bad decision for Kentucky and the ramifications from the attorney general’s political lawsuit could be significant,” said Amanda Stamper, Press Secretary in the Office of Gov. Matt Bevin.  

The deadline to appeal the decision was Oct. 13, and Bevin filed no such request. 

It is unclear when the $18 million owed to Kentucky’s public universities will be released, pending the order from Franklin Circuit Court. 

“The funds held in escrow will be released in due course upon order of the Franklin Circuit Court,” Stamper said. 

“Gov. Bevin remains committed to fighting to protect the pensions of teachers and state workers and making Kentucky a more attractive place for jobs,” Stamper said.