Calloway County Public Library Board of Trustees proposes bylaw changes

Chalice Keith/TheNews

Story by Ashley Traylor, Staff writer

The Calloway County Public Library Board of Trustees presented two proposed bylaw changes at their meeting Wednesday, Oct. 12.

  According to the current library bylaws, any bylaw change must be proposed in writing and then it can be considered or approved at the next board meeting.

The first proposed change was to adopt Calloway County Public Library’s most recent mission statement. The current mission statement in the bylaws does not include the detailed mission statement that the library updated three years ago.

The library’s updated mission statement says, “Our mission is to provide to our community free and equal access to information, materials and programs for personal enrichment, enjoyment and lifelong learning.”

Ryan Alessi, acting president of the board, proposed a second bylaw change. The current bylaw states each member of the board of trustees must reside in Calloway County.

Alessi asked the board to consider modifying the law to each member of the board of trustees must reside in Calloway County and/or pay property taxes in Calloway County.

Alessi said he moved out of Calloway County and his term as president ended Aug. 15, but a new president has not been appointed, so he will continue to serve.

However, he owns property in Calloway County, and said the word “resides” is vague. He said he does not want to leave the board vulnerable if he was not eligible to serve as president, since he does not live in the county.

“I committed to this board to come back here and serve until the judge appoints my replacement,” Alessi said. “I’m committed to this board and this community.”

The board of trustees will hold their next meeting in November to consider the bylaw changes.

Other discussions at the Calloway County Public Library Board of Trustees meeting include:

  • Cheryl Agnew Smith, community member, said she supported the decision for an enhanced library made by the board at their special meeting earlier this week.
  • September was National Library Card Sign-Up month and the library staff created 111 new library cards and updated 318.
  • The library increased their outreach services, which is the selection and delivery of board books, picture books and nonfiction books. Four child care centers requested outreach services, bringing the total number of outreach services to eight.
  • The Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives received the library’s grant application. The board will know in November if Calloway County Public Library received a grant, but will not know how much money they received until December.