Letter to the Editor 10-6-16

From Joe Farley, senior from Murray:

Let’s be civil, y’all.
As this election season is ramping up, we’re starting to see the worst of people.  People we thought were cool are showing some of their true colors that some of us may not disagree with.

You know what?  That’s OK.

There’s more to a person than the way they vote. Political opinions don’t impede your ability to contribute to the betterment of mankind.  Just because someone likes Donald Trump doesn’t make them a racist, misogynist or a homophobe.  Nor does this mean that anyone who supports Hillary Clinton is automatically a socialist who thinks everything should be free.

A president isn’t going to “Make America Great Again”; it’s up to us to work together to make our country better than it ever has been.

Bill Nye came to this campus a few years ago and imparted some great wisdom: “Everyone you meet knows something you don’t. Recognize that. Cherish that.”
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