Murray Police Department confirms harmless clown sighting in Murray

Story by Lindsey Coleman, Contributing writer

On Sunday night, several people reported creepy clowns in Murray, but no reports of violence were made.

Sergeant Brant Shutt from the Murray Police Department said that there was one harmless sighting.

Sergeant Shutt said that a 16-year-old male was reported.

Sergeant Shutt said officers called his parents, who came to pick him up.

Emily Tyler, freshman from Paducah, Kentucky, said she witnessed two clowns driving on 12th Street around 9:30 p.m. on Sunday night near Cookout.

“They stuck their heads out the window and laughed really creepily,” Tyler said.

Tyler said one was dressed as a traditional clown with a red nose, white face paint and a wig, while the other was dressed as the Joker with a red smile.

Tyler said she drove past them, but no one was harmed.

Despite many claims on social media of clowns on campus around Richmond Residential College and Waterfield Library on Sunday night, the Murray State Police Department hasn’t found any clowns on campus.

“The Murray State Police Department has been unable to substantiate that anyone dressed as a clown has been involved in any criminal behavior on campus,” said Chief James Herring of the Murray State Police Department.

Herring said suspicious behavior procedures are still advised.

“We encourage the campus community to call the Murray State police or download the LiveSafe app to report any suspicious activity,” Herring said.