Wellness Center hosts ‘Thoroughbred Challenge’

Story by Emily Williams, Contributing writer

All Murray State students will have the opportunity to participate in the Thoroughbred Challenge Tuesday, Sept. 27 in the Wellness Center from 6-8 p.m.

The challenge will consist of four timed events: a shuttle run, a full-court sprint, a series of pull-ups and push-ups and a three-lap run around the track in the Wellness Center, according to the Thoroughbred Challenge flyer on the Wellness Center’s website.

Jawaun Garrett, graduate student from Paducah, Kentucky, and fitness coordinator at the Wellness Center, said he hopes to provide the opportunity for all students at Murray State to come and take part in some of the free, fun activities available through the Wellness Center.

“At the Wellness Center, we want to promote excellent fitness and health. We’re always trying to find new things to do, a new initiative to bring on better fitness and health amongst the community, our campus and students,” Garrett said. “So that’s our main goal: we want to increase volume in the Wellness Center and volume around campus.”

Garrett said a male and female winner will be chosen after the challenge and will receive a gift card from the bookstore of an undisclosed amount, a free Wellness Center T-shirt and the honor of having their picture hanging on the Wellness Center “Wall of Fame” for the remainder of the year.

Garrett said that up until this point, student interest in the challenge has been minimal, but he hopes that students will continue to spread the word and encourages them to sign up and take part in the event.

Daniel Bell, junior from Beaver Dam, Kentucky, said he will be participating in the challenge and his primary goal as a Murray State student is to commission as a lieutenant in the U.S. Army through the ROTC program. Because of this goal, Bell said physical fitness is as important to him as any of his classes are.

“I would say I’m most excited for the push-up event since I have been known to far exceed my peers in ROTC abilities in that event,” Bell said.

Garrett said they have “evened the playing field” by allowing females to do push-ups rather than pull-ups in that particular aspect of the challenge, since there will be both a male and a female winner.

Hannah Furniss, freshman from Memphis, Tennessee, said she will be participating in the challenge, and it will be a good change of pace for her since it is not something she is used to participating in.

“I saw it advertised and I thought it would be a good challenge for me,” Furniss said. “I think it also gives an incentive for Murray State students to be healthier and to do more physical things. Watching others do it and seeing them achieve something makes you want to do it, too.”

Furniss said she is most excited for the full-court sprint because she is best at running short distances at a fast pace and believes she will do well in that event.

Students can sign up for the challenge at the front desk in the Wellness Center at any time in the days leading up to the challenge.

“If you’re out there, if you’re reading, please come and sign up for the challenge,” Garrett said. “And even if you don’t sign up for the challenge, come check us out and see what the event’s about.”