Adams family, a Racer legacy

Story by Ashley Traylor, Staff writer

Callie Adams, sophomore from Murray, is a fourth generation Murray State student after her great grandparents, grandparents and parents attended Murray State, but Murray State became more than a university to Adams after her grandfather passed away.  

Her great grandparents attended Murray State in the 1930s. Adams’ paternal grandfather served on the Board of Regents and her maternal grandfather worked at the university for 30 years.

Adams’ grandfather, Bill Adams, who served on the Board of Regents for ten years, was diagnosed with leukemia at the beginning of Adams’ freshman year.

Callie visited her grandfather at Vanderbilt Hospital. She said he was always genuinely concerned about how she acclimating to the new environment, making friends and asking if Murray State was feeling like home.

She said she realized how special Murray State was to her family after the passing of her grandfather.

“When he passed away, the biggest bouquet of flowers at his funeral were from Murray State,” Adams said.

“That just really struck me as Murray State cares for their students and their faculty and their staff,” Adams said. “It’s not just ‘Oh I go to school here.’ It’s one of those we care for you and we care for what you have done for the community and what your family has done. That really hit home for me and that’s when I realized how much Murray State has really affected my family.”

She said when making her college decision, she had a gut feeling Murray was where she was supposed to stay and she wanted to continue the Murray State legacy because it is a part of who she is.

“It is something that greatly influenced my great grandparents, greatly influenced my grandparents, greatly influenced my parents into being who they are in their occupations and their professions and as people,” Adams said. “Why not keep that tradition alive and see what it can do for me?”

Adams is involved in the Kentucky Educator’s Association, The Middle School Club, Racers for Christ through the University Church of Christ and she works in Alexander Hall as a student worker. She is also a sister of Alpha Omicron Pi and serves as the Keeper of Ritual.

She said being involved in these campus organizations pushed her out of comfort zone and has helped with her communication skills and networking for her future career.

Being involved in these organizations helps her give back to a community, which has given so much to her, she said.  

“The Murray community has really really blessed my life and the people I love,” Adams said. “Because of that, I want to continue to give back and participate.”