Webpage created to boost enrollment

Story by Matthew Parks, Staff writer

Fred Dietz, associate vice president of enrollment management, said during the Board of Regents meeting Sept. 9. Murray State’s latest enrollment numbers show a slight overall decline for Murray State, while there was an increase in freshmen enrollment.

Dietz said the overall decline in enrollment registered at around 2 percent, while the incoming number of freshmen increased by approximately 2.5 percent to 1,500 new freshmen enrollments.

The largest drop in enrollment numbers came from first-time graduate students, which dropped by approximately 21 percent, according to the findings.

Dietz said official enrollment numbers will be available in October.

Charley Allen, web manager for branding, marketing and communication, said one of the tools Murray State has implemented in order to increase future enrollment is a web page called ‘My Opportunity.’ Allen said the page is a part of the new branding Murray State has been undergoing.

Allen said the ‘My Opportunity’ page was designed to be a stand-alone experience, serving as an interactive information page for potential Murray State students.

“The website is primarily a freshmen recruiting tool,” Allen said.

Allen said the webpage was designed by himself, Karen Muehlbauer, copy editor, and Daniel Fukuhara, web specialist. Shawn Touney, director of communication, and Adrienne King, vice president of university advancement, were also key in developing goals for the project.

Muehlbauer said the branding team pushed out the project in August, and have attempted to drive potential students to the web page through social media advertisements.

“We’re trying to develop a new tone of voice for the university,” Muehlbauer said. “One that’s less serious and academic, and more friendly, approachable and conversational.”

Muehlbauer said the end goal of the project is to be an attention-getting and informational site that drives potential students towards Murray State’s website, where they can find all the information they need about the university.

Allen said the team hopes the project will give students a better feel for the attitude and atmosphere of Murray State.

“We wanted the website to have the same feel a student would get if they interacted with people on campus,” Muehlbauer said.

Muehlbauer said the website will evolve over time as part of Murray State’s continuing recruitment process.

The ‘My Opportunity’ webpage can be reached at murraystate.com/myopportunity.