Pike president wins national honors

By Taylor Inman, Staff writer

By Piper Rother, Contributing writer

With all the buzz about Greek organizations going on these past couple weeks, one fraternity, Pi Kappa Alpha, has been recognized with international honor thanks to Craig Lamb, junior from Murray.

Lamb was nominated and chosen to attend the biennial International Convention held in New Orleans last summer, where he won the International Undergraduate Vice President position.

“I did the undergraduate vice president thing, not because I wanted my picture in the paper, but for these guys,” Lamb said. “Nothing like that has ever happened here and that brought in a new sense of pride.”

That pride was not only given to the members on campus, but to the alumni as well. Chapter Adviser Jerry Penner looks at Lamb’s accomplishments as a reflection on more than just one person; he sees it about the whole fraternity.

“Pikes have developed a mindset that they want to win. You know, who wants to come second in a race?” Penner said. “They’re realizing that they can put this kind of stuff on their resumé and it develops them in the long run as better men.”

Hopeful new members saw what the fraternity was accomplishing and had to get in on the action. Ty Weglarz, freshman from Paducah, Kentucky,  saw what Pike was and what it stood for and said he knew that was the place for him.

“Pike has a great name behind them, they are all really close knit,” Weglarz said. “I want to log a ton of community service hours and build a bunch of great friendships, build a brotherhood, and also I feel like Pike will help me grow into the man I want to be.”

Amid all the rumors floating around about Pike and their parties, members and alumni say that is not what the fraternity is about at all.

“Although there are a lot of rumors out there, people aren’t looking deep enough and past all the hearsay,” Weglarz said. “There is definitely a lot that is going to be happening throughout this year.”

The members of Pi Kappa Alpha all seem to have one main thing in common: to Lamb, it seems he wants to be the best they can be and do the best they can do and he said they all strive for that one common goal.

“I’m oriented for the social stuff, but I’m more oriented for the philanthropy,” Lamb said. “What can we do for the community, what can we do for the university, how can we mend relationships? It’s a constant battle to improve and move up to that next level.”