Multiple motor vehicles stolen from campus, later crashed

Story by Alicia Steele, Assistant News Editor

Last week, Public Safety and Emergency Management informed faculty, staff and students through email that multiple motor vehicle thefts had occurred on campus.

“There have been multiple incidents on campus involving motor vehicles, which have been stolen and later crashed,” the email read. “In each of these incidents, the vehicles were unlocked and the keys were left inside.”

Director of Communication Shawn Touney said in the 10 days before Public Safety sent the email, there were three vehicles stolen and later crashed and two attempted thefts.

Touney said Public Safety, which is leading the investigation, has recovered each of the three vehicles.

However, Touney could not say where the vehicles were taken from or where they were recovered.

“Due to the open nature of this current investigation, we can not provide additional details,” Touney said.