New Tuition model approved

Story by Abby Siegel, News Editor

The Council on Postsecondary Education approved the proposed tuition and fees model beginning Fall 2016 that includes a new scholarship model that will affect incoming students.
Beginning Fall 2016 incoming freshman, transfer students and new non-degree seeking students who are Kentucky residents will pay a tuition fee of $4,200 per semester for 12-15 credits. During the 2015-16 academic year, Kentucky residents paid $3,804 in tuition.
Both incoming and returning students will be charged at an hourly rate for credits exceeding 15. For Kentucky residents, the rate is $331, the regional per hour rate ranges from $376 to $582.50 and non-residents will pay $902 per credit hour above 15.
Returning full-time Kentucky undergraduate residents will pay $168 more per semester for up to 15 hours. Non-Kentucky residents will pay $468 more per semester for credits up to 15 hours.
An academic achievement scholarship model, which rewards high-achieving students based on GPA and ACT scores, is also included in the plan.
With the changes in tuition, Murray State is one of the top three most affordable public universities in Kentucky.
The tuition and scholarship model was researched in-depth for two years by completing a competitive analysis with regional states and peer institutions before being developed.
“We remain committed to providing our students a high-quality education, affording them a lifetime of opportunities,” said President Bob Davies in a press release June 3. “Our new scholarship model is aggressive – and progressive – providing students a percentage of their total tuition, instead of a flat rate.”