Let’s talk politics

How do the Racers feel about the presidential candidates?

Story by Nick EricksonStaff writer

With the Kentucky Republican caucus over and the 2016 presidential election well on the way, politics have been seemingly everywhere lately. Murray State students are diverse in many ways, including their political standpoints and opinions on candidates. Last week, students shared their views about three of the most well-known candidates, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

While the students shared their views on each candidate, many fell short on their political knowledge. In fact, so few students knew anything about Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, they were dropped from this story. One student in particular didn’t know how to describe Hillary Clinton besides “pantsuit, nappy hair and Bill Clinton.” Getting some insight into the political views of fellow students shows a good deal about how many students care about politics and how many do not.

Is this a sign of a problem, or should it go unnoticed?

Photo courtesy of frontpagemag.com

Photo courtesy of frontpagemag.com


Ashley Kendal, junior, Democrat
“Empowerment, change, honesty”

Brenden Breen, sophomore, Democrat
“Liar, untrustworthy, crazy”

Photo courtesy of newyorker.com

Photo courtesy of newyorker.com


Brett Mayberry, sophomore, Democrat
“Racist, misogynistic, xenophobic”

Steven Treadway, junior, Republican
“Smart, businessman, deceptive”

Photo courtesy of redstate.com

Photo courtesy of redstate.com


Alex Jackonski, junior, Democrat
“Equality, socialism, wonderful”

Zack Brock, sophomore, Independent
“Old, trustworthy, legitimate”