Past president, broadcaster return for ‘Significant Sig’

McKenna Dosier/The News Tim Miller, left, and Gabe Hobbs, right, recieved the Significant Sig Award last weekend.

Story by Da’Sha Tuck, Staff writer

McKenna Dosier/The News Tim Miller, left, and Gabe Hobbs, right, recieved the Significant Sig Award last weekend.

McKenna Dosier/The News
Tim Miller, left, and Gabe Hobbs, right, received the Significant Sig Award last weekend.

The Epsilon Tau Chapter of Sigma Chi awarded two alumni with the highest honor their organization has to offer: The Significant Sig Award.

More than one hundred alumni made it back to Murray State’s campus to catch up with old pledge brothers as well as new members.

The homecoming weekend began with a dinner and award ceremony.


“We have some alumni from Murray State who have gone out and done things that have distinguished them in their chosen professional careers, and the purpose of this event is to show recognition,” said Mike Maxwell, former chapter adviser.

An alumnus who has done outstanding work in his profession or in service work is eligible for the award. The alumnus must be nominated by another alumnus or an active undergraduate brother.

The process begins with a completed nomination form, which includes a resumé and a summary of the nominee’s credentials.

Chapter adviser Chris Chandler said this award is about honoring brothers of Sigma Chi who have continued being involved in service and greatness after graduation.

Many well-known people have been recipients of the Significant Sig award. Those include, but are not limited to, Brad Pitt, John Wayne and Luke Bryan.


Murray State’s Epsilon Tau Chapter added two outstanding alumni to the exclusive list of Significant Sigs during the homecoming weekend.   

Tim Miller, the 12th president of Murray State, and Gabe Hobbs, a radio broadcaster, were awarded the Significant Sig Award.

Miller graduated from Murray State in 1966 with a bachelor’s degree in accounting. He has served as chairman of the accounting department and was made the 12th president of Murray State after serving as interim president before President Bob Davies’ selection.

Miller said he was thrilled to be surrounded by so many of his Sigma Chi brothers and he was honored to receive the Significant Sig award.

Since leaving Murray State, Hobbs has had a successful 35-plus year career in radio specializing in news and talk radio.

Hobbs has been involved in several different radio shows such as the Rush Limbaugh Program, the Glenn Beck Show and Trumped with Donald Trump.

In his career, he has been named one of the top 10 corporate radio programmers in America as well as top 10 media consultant in America.

Hobbs said he enjoys working with talent and that has allowed him to help launch careers in talk radio for many people.

As Hobbs accepted his Significant Sig Award, he credited Sigma Chi for taking the boy he was and turning him into a successful man.


Maxwell said there is a standard to being a Sigma Chi. He said a Sigma Chi man is his brother’s keeper, accountable and has risk awareness.

Through this event, Maxwell said, he hopes Murray State and the community sees that there are members of Greek Life that are doing good things.

Maxwell said he hopes the active members of Sigma Chi continue to grow in their brotherhood while upholding the Standard of a Sigma Chi.

“I hope that active members see that what we create is not just an experience that ends at four years,” Hobbs said. “You can still have relationships through the fraternity that you can count on in every sector of your life and at the end of the day, that’s what being in a fraternity is all about.”