Springer, White, Richmond hiring college heads

Story by Tierra ReeseStaff writer

Three residential colleges — Springer-Franklin, White and James H. Richmond residential colleges — are searching for new college heads and accepting applications until March 11.

The position of a college head helps students assigned to the residential colleges by providing advising and overseeing the residential colleges’ programming, said Don Robertson, vice president of Student Affairs.



“Being able to advocate for the students, an adviser, mentor, resource and to get faculty more involved so students can meet outside of the classroom to get to know them,” he said. A college head should try to get students involved and continue the traditions of that college, Robertson said.   “You have to be someone who loves working with students in non-classroom settings and be able to multi-task, with a positive attitude and high energy level,” Robertson said.

Katelyn Jaqueway, senior and historian of White Residential College Council, found out in December that White would get a new college head as James “Corky” Broughton leaves the position.

“I hope that anyone who comes in next year is really involved like James is,” Jaqueway said.

Keenan Hall, sophomore, from Richmond Residential College Council, said he was not aware that Richmond would get a new college head.

“Hopefully the new person is engaged in community activities and cares about the residents well-being, and I look forward to meeting he or she,” he said.

In 1996, Murray State became the first U.S. public university to adopt residential colleges and touts the system as part of its student retention efforts. Each of the eight residential colleges have their own colors and mascots and compete against each other in academic and athletic competitions.

The application process for college heads includes interviews with the selection committee and meetings with the Regional Training Center of that specific college.

The selection committee consists of students, faculty and staff that are members of that specific college. Feedback from students is a factor, Robertson said.

To learn more about gaining college head experience, an informational meeting is scheduled for 2:30 p.m. Feb. 25 at the Curris Center Tennessee Room. Applications are available online at murraystate.edu and in the Office of Student Affairs at 425 Wells Hall or emailed from jmathis@murraystate.edu.