Muslim Student Organization promotes tolerance

Story by Da’Sha TuckStaff writer

The Murray State Muslim Student Organization is a social organization filled with students who are working to build their faith in a college environment.

The group hosts events in which speakers come and explain Islamic culture to students. The Muslim Student Organization also hosts events like Hijab Day where students, both Muslim and non-Muslim, are given the opportunity to learn about why women in the Muslim faith wear their traditional headdress.

“We arrange events that bring attention and interest of non-Muslim students,” said Humaira Ahmad Khan, from Pakistan. “People love diversity and they’re curious to know about the religion. MSO gave me support to highlight my culture and customs.”

Earlier this month the organization hosted an event in the Curris Center where they served halal food. Halal is translated to mean “permitted” or
“lawful,” pertaining to the way the food was prepared. The students served the food for $6 a plate during the event.

Muslim Student Organization President Amer Bukhari, graduate student from Saudi Arabia, said the halal food day event was successful.

“We got the benefit of other people supporting us,” Bukhari said. “There were about 150 people who participated.”

Bukhari said the event made enough money to break even.

The organization also helps some international students adjust to being in a different country, but allows them to practice their religion with others who are Muslim as well.

“Being away from home and living in a society that is quite diverse and more into activities that are prohibited in our religion, the Muslim Student Organization played an important role to keep me on the path of my religion,” Khan said.

Khan said with the Muslim Student Organization she gets to practice her religion and be involved in cultural events. She said it has given her a family that has supported her through many hurdles.

Bukhari said being a part of the Muslim Student Organization has allowed him to meet many new people in his faith.

“When we meet new Muslims, we say ‘salaam alaikum’ which means ‘peace onto you,’” Bukhari said.

The Muslim Student Organization said the complete religious meaning of the word Islam would be submission under God’s will.

Bukhari said his religion is one of peace, one that is helping everyone around the world.

Bukhari said the Muslim Student Organization does not have any more events scheduled for the remainder of the year other than their closing ceremony.

“We host the closing ceremony to award the volunteers who have helped the Muslim Student Organization throughout the year,” Bukhari said.

During the closing ceremony, Bukhari will be introducing the Muslim Student Organization’s next president since his term is coming to a close.

Murray State’s Muslim Student Organization has been on campus for 10 years and is continuing to educate students.

“Without the Muslim Student Organization, I would not be as confident and fearless as I am,” Khan said.