Letter to the Editor 11-20-15 #1

John Muenzberg, lecturer of philosophy (not history) wrote on November 13th to the effect, “Nazi flag equals Confederate flag” and “Put the Confederate flag in a museum.”

What was Jewish history in the Confederate States of America?

Judah Benjamin, the Confederate Secretary of State, was Jewish. As were the Surgeon General, the assistant Adjutant General and the representative to France. 

By percentage, more Jews were in the Confederate Army than in the Union Army. In fact, they were the largest ethnic group in the Confederate Army.

In California, the leader of the Confederate succession movement was a Jewish Rabbi in Los Angeles.

By 1861, one third of all Jews, South and North, lived in Confederate Louisiana.

General Robert E. Lee allowed his Jewish soldiers to observe all holy days, while Union Generals Grant, Hallack and Sherman issued anti-Jewish orders. Years later, it was General Sherman who coined the phrase “Final Solution” when talking about how to deal with American Indians.

FDR staffer Bernard Baruch, whose father was the Confederate Surgeon General, said, “I never encountered anti-Semitism until I traveled north to attend Harvard.”

Putting the Confederate flag in a museum is an old tactic. Put the flag in a museum, then close the museum. They tried it in New Orleans.

As far as changing the names of military bases named after Confederate generals goes, the Pentagon said months ago it wasn’t going to happen.

On television, I’ve seen many of those German neo-Nazi and Klan rallies. In the German rallies, I’ve never seen a Confederate flag being flown. Why does the Klan fly it? Because they stole it! I’ve also seen the Klan fly the British, United States and Betsy Ross flags. Should they be banned also? While you’re at it, take a look at the footage of the 1925 Klan march in Washington, D.C. Not one CSA flag. All U.S. flags.

It is heritage and history. Not hate.

Mr. Muenzberg, please stick to philosophy.

Letter from Michael Skaggs, Non-student from Paris, Tennessee Murray