Zachary Maley/The News

Story by Breanna SillStaff writer

Zachary Maley/The News

Zachary Maley/The News

University students participated in the second ‘Freezin’ for a Reason,’ hosted by Alpha Sigma Alpha.

While the temperature neared the 40 degree mark on Nov. 12, that didn’t stop 170 people from taking a plunge in some ice cold water to raise money for Alpha Sigma Alpha’s philanthropy at the second annual Campus Plunge.

With a goal of $12,000, the sorority hit that goal before the event even began. By the end of the night, the event had raised a total of $13,272 for the Special Olympics. That number continues to rise as more people send donations.

Devon Wasser, senior from Louisville, Kentucky and Special Events Coordinator for Alpha Sigma Alpha, said the entire sorority couldn’t have been happier after reaching their goal.

“We were all on cloud nine,” she said. “It was just like an outstanding feeling and you can’t really describe it.”

Wasser said what made the feeling the most amazing is the fact that the money goes to a charity that is so near and dear to so many of the sisters’ hearts.

“A lot of the girls really love it [Special Olympics] as well,” she said. “So being able to help as much as they can feels amazing.”

For the second year of the event, the sorority switched things up and held their event on the Quad, just across from the after party location, Tap 216. The previous year, the event was held at the Alpha Gamma Rho house.

Tap 216 provided a warming station for plungers, a chili bar and a band for people to enjoy after the event.

There were 14 different teams who plunged for the cause.

Murray State’s version is a bit different than most.

“Normally a plunge is where you plunge into a lake or a pool,” Wasser said. “But last year we had an incident where the pool couldn’t come so we were like ‘OK, we need a slide.’ And so people actually liked the slide better so we have kept the slide. It’s definitely different than plunging into a pool. It’s a lot more fun, honestly.”

Although Wasser did not plunge this year, she was a participant last year and she described the feeling of hitting the water as “shocking.”

Wasser said she was impressed by the amount of participation from other Greek organizations, the university faculty, staff and the community in comparison to the year before.

“Because last year was the first year, we considered that just more of a trial run,” she said. “This year the participation was a lot better.”

While this is Wasser’s last year to be a part of the Campus Plunge as a sister of Alpha Sigma Alpha, she has high hopes for the future of the event.

“I just hope that next year there is even more awareness for Plunge,” she said. “I would love to see more clubs and organizations come out. I just hope it continues and people have fun, because it’s such a great event to be a part of.”