Tuition model proposal outlined in an email to university

Staff report

Graphic by Alex Hilkey/The News

Graphic by Alex Hilkey/The News

An email sent Wednesday morning to student, faculty and staff on behalf of President Bob Davies outlined the official new proposed tuition model.

Under the proposed tuition model students taking more than 12 to 15 credit hours per semester would pay additional tuition. The proposed model is designed to support the “15 to Finish” campaign that began at Murray State in 2014. The Council for Post-Secondary Education initiated the program.

The proposed model will be applicable only to new, incoming students beginning in Fall 2016.

Under the proposed tuition model, future students determined to take more than 15 hours per semester, will have to pay a 50 percent discounted rate per hour. For example, prospective in-state residents would be charged $158.50 per hour. The rate will vary based on the residency of the student. This proposed tuition model is considered an “opportunity to align (the) tuition base with fellow Kentucky Institutions,” according to the email.

With this new tuition model, the web premium for online classes will be eliminated and replaced with an online fee of $75 per credit hour or less.

In addition to the proposed tuition model change, the university is working to redesign the scholarship model. Money generated by the proposed tuition model will be used to pay for essential services at the university and to fund a “new and more aggressive scholarship program designed to reward high-achieving students” and to reinvest in quality programs, according to the email.

Before the proposed tuition model can be enacted the Board of Regents will have to approve the proposed model to be sent to The Council for Post-Secondary Education for consideration. No action will be taken by either party until Spring 2016.