Department gets reaccreditation recommendation

Story by Mari-Alice JasperNews Editor

Tuesday afternoon the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications concluded their report, recommending Murray State’s Journalism and Mass Communication department for reaccreditation.

This is the fifth time since 1986 the accrediting council has visited the department. The council visits the department every six years to confirm the department is in compliance with the council’s nine standards.

Bob Lochte, chair of the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, said the council’s report is not an official reaffirmation of the department’s reaccreditation, but it is a recommendation.

In May, the Accrediting Council will meet again to consider recommendations from all of the universities they evaluated and make a final decision.

While the Accrediting Council was only at the university for three days, the department had been preparing for their visit for more than a year.

Lochte said their preparations began with a self-study of the department that was spearheaded by Marcie Hinton, professor of business.

“She did a wonderful job putting all of this together over the summer,” he said. “Marion [Hale] and I worked with her as well.”

In the council’s report summary, they identified “enthusiastic faculty members,” “passionate students” and “an outstanding internship program” as the strengths of the department.

However, they also noted a few weaknesses of the department including dated equipment and facilities in reference to the television studio in the Fine Arts building.