Bevin makes Murray stop as election approaches

Story by Dylan Doyle, contributing writer

Gubernatorial candidate Matt Bevin visited a group of Calloway County Republicans at Sirloin Stockade Thursday to discuss endgame strategies and policy.

Bevin emphasized one of the most important facets of his campaign involves getting conservatives to the polls.

“Friends don’t let friends not vote,” Bevin said. “Bring everybody you know to the polls.”

Bevin also shared the same 10-word mantra he shared with South Marshall Middle School Thursday morning.

“If it is to be, it is up to me,” Bevin said.

Using an anecdote about a camouflage-wearing student at South Marshall Middle School as a springboard, Bevin dove into the issue of gun control, stating that he and running mate Jenean Hampton are both concealed carry permit owners.

“I’m grateful to have the endorsement of the NRA,” Bevin said.

Bevin spent the majority of his speaking time on the topic of Kentucky infrastructure, admitting that some roadways make him nervous.

“I still hold my breath when I cross the bridges,” he said.

Concerning the long-awaited expansion of US Highway 641 into Tennesee, Bevin claimed it was “not a big project.”

On the subject of Democratic opponent Jack Conway, Bevin took a rare personal stab, asking the audience if they wanted a governor who “represents the values of Kentucky” or one who “represents the rubber stamp of Barack Obama.”

“Who wants that guy representing the state of Kentucky,” Bevin asked, referring to Conway as “giggle pants.”

“He sweats, he twitches, he doesn’t look you in the eyes,” he said. “And that’s about as personal as I have ever got with the guy.”