Author hosts Bob Warren book signing

Story by Kelsey GrapperhausStaff writer

A book signing for Jhonda K. Johnston’s, “The Argument, A Conversation with Bob Warren,” will be hosted from 2-4 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 17, 2015 in the Hardin County Library.

The Argument,’ Johnston’s first book, is more than just a “Conversation with Bob Warren.” It’s a biographical story of a former pro basketball player turned Bible teacher that has a roundtable discussion with three college students over Reformed Theology.

The late Warren was a native of western Kentucky, and a founder of The Hill, a disciplining ministry located in Hardin, Kentucky. Warren first found his relationship with Christ when he was 27 years old and since then wrote numerous Bible commentaries and studies. Before Warren’s eight-year professional basketball career, he earned a degree in electrical engineering while playing basketball for Vanderbilt University.

The Argument” contains scripture responses to many questions posed by both Calvinists and Free Will adherents in their long-standing debate. The biography throughout “The Argument is true, the discussion he had with his three college students actually did take place, and the truths shared were things he actually taught throughout his Bible studies.

Customer reviews from all over the globe rateThe Argument, A Conversation with Bob Warren” with five stars on Amazon, stating that there is a “truth in a clear and easy-to-understand manner” and adding that readers are able to “hear his voice coming clearly through the words.”

The book’s author, Johnston is also a western Kentucky native from Hardin, Kentucky.

Johnston had been editing for Warren since 2011 and in Feb. 2014, she pitched this book idea to him. After Warren’s approval and well wishes, Johnston began putting togetherThe Argument.”

By the time Warren passed away in Aug. 2014, time Johnston had acquired all of the information needed, but had only completed about a fifth of the entire book.

“I could write pages about the holes created in many more lives than mine for missing Bob, but I’ll leave that endeavor for another time,” Johnston said. “However, to say constructing the bulk of this manuscript without him was difficult would be a grave understatement.”

Lloyd Weatherly, a close friend of Johnston’s, said he hopes to have a good turnout for the book-signing event at the Hardin County Library in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Weatherly predicts that many local residents will be in attendance and is hoping for Murray State students to be involved too.

“I’m most excited for Jhonda and the impact of being published and realizing tangible results for her efforts through the audience.” Weatherly said.

Weatherly said he realizes the time and effort that go into a book because he also self-published a book several years ago.

Weatherly is most interested in the understanding of Bob Warren’s explanations “through Biblical references of questions many of us have as we journey through life.”

The event will begin with a short reading by Johnston and a discussion with Johnston and The Hill representatives- Kim Warren, Brent Armstrong and Benjamin Warren- followed by a reception and book-signing by Ms. Johnston herself.