Board of Regents to meet for August

Jenny Rohl/The News President Bob Davies addresses the Board of Regents during a meeting.

Story by Mari-Alice JasperNews Editor

Jenny Rohl/The News President Bob Davies addresses the Board of Regents during a meeting.

Jenny Rohl/The News
President Bob Davies addresses the Board of Regents during a meeting.

Contracts, personnel changes and major project updates are all topics listed at the Board of Regents meeting Friday.

During this meeting Stephen Williams, president and CEO of Norton Healthcare in Louisville, Kentucky and Murray State Regent, will approach the Board of Regents with the Tennessee Valley Authority Five Minute Response Contract.

According to this contract, the TVA can shut off the electricity at Murray State whenever the service region exceeds certain power levels. Now in the final year of the five-year contract, it now requires members of the Board of Regents to take action.

The Board of Regents will acknowledge the appointment of two new employees at Murray State: Adrienne King, vice president for Marketing and Outreach, and Matt McMahon, Head Coach for men’s basketball. McMahon replaced former head coach Steve Prohm, who accepted the head coach position at Iowa State earlier this year.

Susan Shaffer Guess, senior vice president and marketing director of The Paducah Bank and Trust Company and Murray State Regent, will present a major projects update to the Board of Regents for information only.

Supplemental materials and information will be provided. Murray State has several major ongoing projects including Breathitt Veterinary Center in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, New Franklin Residential College and the new Science, Engineering and Technology building.

Jackie Dudley, vice president of Finance and Administrative Services, will have a report from the treasurer for the Board of Regents. In the annual advance meeting held Aug. 27, Dudley proposed that the Board of Regents change their policy on personal service contracts.

Personal service contracts are employer agreements between Murray State and contracted employees who have the skills and experience to complete a task the University needs done. Per her suggestion, board members would not need to approve all of these contracts.

Dudley said in the past having to wait on Board of Regents approval for smaller personal service contracts has caused congestion in the office of Finance and Administrative Services. Regent members will be discussing this further at the meeting Friday.

The Board of Regents meets in the Jesse Stuart Room on the second floor of Pogue Library. The meeting begins at 8 a.m. and is expected to continue past 1 p.m. The Board of Regents meets quarterly. Their next meeting will be Dec. 11.

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