Tri-Sigma raises funds for play therapy at annual 5K

Kalli Bubb/The News Sigma Sigma Sigma held its annual Glow Run 5K Saturday.

Story by Connor JaschenStaff writer

Kalli Bubb/The News Sigma Sigma Sigma held its annual Glow Run 5K Saturday.

Kalli Bubb/The News
Sigma Sigma Sigma held its annual Glow Run 5K Saturday.

Among the masses of spring semester events and philanthropies, ranging from Pike’s Peak Week to the Pie-a-Pi hosted by Alpha Delta Pi, the annual Tri-Sigma Glow Run stood as a beacon of light for the patients of play therapy the philanthropy event is held for.

The sisters of Sigma Sigma Sigma created an event that had the ability to unite not only our campus, but Murray as a whole.

Tori Chapman, sophomore from Murray, and sister of Alpha Omicron Pi, participated in the event. Describing herself as never one to let a good cause go by the wayside, Chapman enlisted several other students to run by her side.

Lindey Hunt, former Murray State student, and Brett Watson, high school friend of Chapman, took up the call as running partners.

Chapman found out about the event in class, overhearing Kristen McNutt, sophomore from Murray and member of Tri-Sigma, and a fellow sorority sister talking about this mini-marathon. Having been longtime friends with McNutt, Chapman was quick to help out.

“Kristen and I are good friends from high school and, honestly, she always supports our philanthropy,” Chapman said.

It was Chapman’s first time participating in the Glow Run and she was excited to support her fellow students of Murray State, as well as her fellow members of Greek Life.

“If we don’t support each other, what are we doing as a Greek community?” she said.

However, Chapman’s reason for running was not solely centered on our campus.

“I really admire their philanthropy of play therapy,” Chapman said. “It’s really important for the kids.”

According to the Oxford-English Dictionary’s online database, play therapy is, “therapy in which emotionally disturbed children are encouraged to act out their fantasies and express their feelings through play, aided by a therapist’s interpretations.”

Chapman recalled seeing people from all over the community, rather than just from Murray State’s campus.

Through the support of the Murray State community – on campus and off – approximately 500 registered runners put their own money in for the cause. This alone raised just under $6,000 for Tri-Sigma to donate to their philanthropy.

“It means a lot,” Chapman said. “Because we’re in different organizations, but our hearts are the same.”