“At the top.”

So it seems like I get email upon email from people who read my column and want me to give them tips on how they can meet their favorite celebrity.

While I am always up for sharing a few tips, one tip I thought I would never need to share would be to take advantage of the opportunities that are given to you.

For example, I was beyond disappointed in the turn out for Tuesday night’s Student Government Association and Campus Activities Board concert in Lovett Auditorium. The concert was completely FREE to Murray State students and featured one of the biggest up-and-coming bands in country music. What reason, besides class, of course, did you all have not to attend?


Maybe you hadn’t ever heard of the band Old Dominion before, but I guarantee if you listen to country music, you know more than half of the songs they performed because they wrote them all for other artists. They are some of the most in demand songwriters in country music.

SGA posted on its Twitter account for 25 people to retweet for a meet and greet opportunity with the band, and of the 25 people that entered and won, only five showed up for the awesome opportunity.

  That’s seriously pitiful and so disappointing.

So much work and money is put into this event just for students. I mean it’s free for students for goodness sakes.

Do you think literally anyone knew who Taylor Swift was the first time I met her? Or Luke Bryan? No. Both of those acts, who are now some of the biggest acts in the world, were total and complete nobodies who no one cared to meet either.

So please, if anyone who reads this column takes anything away from it in the past two years, I hope that is to take advantage of the opportunities that are in front of you.

Just because something isn’t exactly what you want it to be, or who you want to listen to, give it  or them a chance.

You could be so surprised and who knows, taking the time to enjoy the smaller up-and-coming band could turn into one of your most favorite memories.

It usually works that way for me.

Column by Breanna Sill, Features Editor