Local insurance agency offers first internships for students

Peel and Holland, a Murray insurance agency, is accepting internship applications for two paid internships for this summer.

These are the first formal internships that Roy Riley, president of Peel and Holland, is offering specifically to Murray State students.

“Murray State University is home to the best and the brightest and Peel and Holland is very excited to be a part of that learning environment, and selfishly look forward to the ideas these students will bring to our organization,” Riley said.

The two positions available are listed “inside sales intern” and “service or account management intern.” According to the company’s corporate summary, “the work environment is fast-paced, team-oriented, professional and positive.”

Taylor Cary, manager of business development and public relations, discussed the job details and expectations.

“In our industry, we provide a unique exposure to the business world and how the business world works,” Cary said.

Those interested in sales, marketing, wellness or nutrition are encouraged to apply for the internships.

To receive any of the internships provided by Peel and Holland, students are required to be a business or communications major, have strong written and oral communication skills and be task and detail oriented.

The internship would teach Peel and Holland’s basic insurance principles and the software that is used to serve its clients.

Peel and Holland also offered a marketing internship. The position is already filled, but students are encouraged to submit applications for future semesters.

The marketing intern would help the business development and public relations manager with social media strategy, media buying and other communications development.

The intern will also work with social media platforms, specifically the Peel and Holland website.

Peel and Holland is a team of 50 employees who provide risk advising to personal and public clients in the Murray, Mayfield, Benton and Paducah areas.

Although this is starting as a summer internship program, Peel and Holland hopes to have continual internships through the fall and spring as well.

“I would encourage anyone interested to reach out and talk with us,” Cary said. “Ask questions and apply.”

There is no application deadline, but the internships will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Peel and Holland will keep applications submitted for the internship positions on file for future semesters, whether students are accepted for this summer or not.

Interested applicants should send their resumes to Jessica Jeffress at jjeffress@peelholland.com.

Story by Julia Mazzuca, Staff writer