Letter to the Editor 3-27-15

Both letters are in response to a March 9 features column titled “Embrace the Housewife.”

It’s appalling that this article would be published in a public forum branding Murray State’s name. The article is inherently misogynistic, and it exclusively heteronormative message is offensive and degrading.

Its author addresses “gender stereotypes,” yet seems not to understand how these stereotypes perpetuate inequality. Perhaps the author should have more carefully considered her subject, and should also realize that a woman’s place should be where she chooses rather than “where the boys are.”

A woman is no less a woman for being unable to make a lemon meringue pie. Attitudes like the one presented in this article are as harmful as explicit sexism.

I truly hope the author educates herself and broadens her cultural understanding. Further, I hope The Murray State News understands the frustration caused by the publication of this article.

Letter from Bailey Boyd, Former student from Murray

You are entitled to your opinion on this subject, but a “man-catching lasagna?”

Thank you for setting women back to the 1950s. If the only way to “win” your man’s heart is through his stomach, your relationship is doomed to fail.

If cooking is your forte, more power to you. But your significant other should love you for more than your housekeeping skills.

I’m not saying cooking isn’t a useful skill. Just understand that while this is your opinion, there are other women, like me, who found this to be insulting against those that want a different path for themselves.

Letter from Kimberly Willett, Former student from Murray