Forever a fangirl

(WITH VIDEO) – While I guess it’s no secret, I have a habit of running into famous people. I am not the only person who enjoys the occasional run-in with a celeb.

On the sad, but off chance I can’t make the trip to wherever my friends are headed for the next big concert, they always keep me in mind.

I have a whole collection of autographs and videos done specifically for me by some of my favorite artists and celebrities.  One of my most prize autographs comes from Taylor Swift and reads “Breanna is perfect! Love, Taylor,” that a friend of mine got me in one of her meet and greets in Charlotte, N.C.

Another prized I keep in my collection is a video John Rich from the country duo Big and Rich saying how badly he wished I was at his concert. A friend who was working for a radio station in Indianapolis, Ind., at the time got that for me backstage at a 21 and up show he was doing in 2012.

At the time I was only 18 years old, so I couldn’t get into the show.

“I miss you and I wish you were here, Breanna,” Rich said in the video. “It’s some bullshit they won’t let you in.  Just let the girl in, people!”

Another one of my absolute favorite videos is one from the same friend who ran into the Jonas Brothers on one of their radio tours during the summer of 2013.  

Earlier in the day she had seen them out and about and was able to chat and take some pictures with the group, but the idea to get a souvenir for me didn’t entirely ring into her mind until she got a screaming, probably terrifying, call from me to find Joe Jonas and get something for me.

She made it her mission for the weekend to find Joe and get a video of him saying hello to me, and she succeeded. Although the video only lasts an entire three seconds, it’s still some of the best three seconds of my life.

Just hearing Joe say my name still makes me swoon like the 16- year-old fangirl I used to be (and still am) sitting in the front row of their Burning Up tour in St. Louis.

If you would like to watch either of these videos I will share them on for you to watch at your leisure.

Column by Breanna SillFeatures Editor