New app turns photos into movies

A free app, released Wednesday, will allow phones and tablets to become mini-movie editors using nearly any kind of media – photos, GIFs, Vines and video.

The app, called Trio, allows a user to remix images and videos, including those taken from other people’s Facebook pages and Instagram accounts, into mashups on a mobile device.

Misha Leybovich, the creator and CEO of Trio, said he wanted to create an app that would allow people easily to convert images about their experiences into videos through the GIF format.

“The main goal of Trio is to simply expand and for people to make mashup videos of their daily lives,” Leybovich said. “I think it is fun for everyone whether you are in high school or in college and to simply make something that is better than Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, etc.”

Leybovich told a technology group in a talk uploaded to YouTube that he came up with the idea after traveling the world and taking part in experiences such as running with the bulls in Spain.

He said he wanted to share those experiences but didn’t have the know-how to edit videos.

Leybovich, an MIT-trained aerospace engineer based in San Francisco, said he hopes that people in smaller cities like Murray will use the app to share experiences and pull closer together as a community.

“I hope people use it and understand that this is not just an ordinary social media app where you can just take pictures and share with your friends. It is something that you can look back on and be creative,” he said.

The app is available on iTunes or through


Story by Taurus Moore, Contributing writer