Spring FEVER

Graphic by Alex Hilkey/The News

Graphic by Alex Hilkey/The News

Stir-crazy masses of students will soon forego the lingering effects of Monday’s snowstorm for different weather and a change of scenery on Spring Break. The weeklong vacation, March 16 through 20, is quickly approaching. If students plan on getting out of Murray, there are several aspects of a trip they need to ensure are checked off their planning list before departing.

Bailey Boyd, booking representative at Edmiston Marketing in Murray, said if students’ planning for Spring Break isn’t already done, then it’s imperative to do it now.

“It’s not too late, but the longer you wait, the more expensive your flights will be and options for hotels, condos, etc. become more and more sparse,” she said.

While Emiston Marketing is solely an online business primarily functioning to service U.S. military personnel, Boyd said that a large number of families book trips through the month of March. The number of families also booking trips during the traditional weeks of Spring Break will make planning harder for procrastinating students. However, last-minute getaways are possible.

“We are a part of a generation that is making travel agencies obsolete,” Boyd said. “We’re young, keen, and hopefully frugal, and it’s a gratifying experience to plan a vacation that is backed by research, booked all on one’s own through trusted sites or services, all without having to contact or pay a travel representative.”

Here are a few thing to add to your Spring Break checklist:summer_beach_ball


Whether students choose to spend their week away from classes alone or with a group, destination is the choice that influences every other aspect of a trip. Being realistic initially will make the entire planning process go more smoothly.


Students need to decide immediately how much they are comfortable shelling out and set a budget. Then, they should be realistic and know they will want to spend more once the vacation is actually underway and to allow for a little wiggle room.


The chosen destination, whether it’s a week in Cancun, Mexico, or a weekend in a cabin in Gatlinburg, Tenn., will ultimately decide if students fly or drive away from Murray State. Flights generally get more expensive the closer they are to the departure date. If students choose to drive, though, they should make sure the vehicle they choose to take is in mint condition and reliable.

Once departure and return dates have been decided, finding a place to stay is next. Spaciousness, price and proximity to the beach or city students will visit are all key factors to consider.


Deciding what to take is arguably the best and worst part of preparation for a trip. A vacation is the perfect opportunity to shop for the perfect swimsuit or snow pants. In the haze of new purchases, though, students shouldn’t forget the essentials.


Even if students already have money budgeted, this is the time to save for that wiggle room. There are always products and excursions that cost a little extra, and being able to say yes to those things can add a little extra into- students’ Spring Break experience.

Story by Kayla MacAllisterStaff writer