In case you missed it

Just a few months ago I wrote an article about how I didn’t think the Seattle Seahawks would make it to the Super Bowl.

I was very wrong and I can’t imagine how this piece of my home is functioning.

I bit my tongue this weekend and watched my favorite NFL team play to their wits’ ends.

As a Seahawks fan, there wasn’t a second of the game I was bored. As a journalism major and an advertising minor, there wasn’t a second of the break I was bored.

I can certainly say there wasn’t a second of Katy Perry’s performance with Missy Elliot or Lenny Kravitz that lulled me.

I jumped at the screaming goat and shed a tear during the Microsoft spot about empowering. I also wish I could take a cruise after the Carnival Cruise’s commercial and, like everyone else, my jaw dropped during the Nationwide deceased child spot.

There was no boredom in my house during the Super Bowl.

As a part of one of my favorite sporting traditions I can’t help but be excited I saw the Seahawks for the second year in a row compete for the Lombardi trophy.

While I saw them compete, I can’t say I saw them be graceful in their closing plays.

In case you missed it, the Seahawks lost. I’ll be the first one to say, though, the Seahawks made a bad play.

The win probability was at 84.9 percent after a timeout with 1 minute 6 seconds left and that percent dropped to 84.4 percent when Marshawn Lynch ran behind the left tackle for four-yard gain while Wilson passes to wide receiver,

Ricardo Lockette was seemingly open until the Patriots cornerback Malcom Butler intercepted, costing the Seahawks their second Super Bowl.

If you still don’t understand, it means the Seahawks put Lynch, who is known for his “beast mode” running style, behind.

If you’re curious as to how many people watched this play go down, here’s the skinny.

The Super Bowl XLIX last minute clash drew in 114.5 million viewers and brought in 71 share of television which means of all the people with their TV on, 71 percent of them were watching the Super Bowl.

Just so you know, the fourth quarter fiasco brought in 120.8 million viewers, which is a new record.

When I say everyone was watching, I mean everyone with a TV knew something was going on.

I am slightly ashamed that 120.8 million people were watching my beloved players psych themselves out.

They beat themselves. They saw what we all saw, which was the title. It was within reach, but they were so anxious and excited that they let it get to them.

I will say, congratulations to the New England Patriots because they did win, and congratulations to all their fans for believing they could be louder than the 12th man.

I won’t predict next year’s game, since I mistakenly said we wouldn’t be back this year. But I believe the boys have every power to play their way back to the top.

I suspect the next few weeks the only thing we’ll remember from this game is the Coach’s bad call and the disgraceful fight.

Let’s just remember at one point in time the Seahawks were an underdog and showed us all that victory is within everyone’s reach.

Story by Kelsey Randolph, Assistant Sports Editor