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Kalli Bubb/The News
Kalli Bubb/The News

Kalli Bubb/The News

The Racers have put down another loss against Belmont, 79-68. Though the women are on a five game losing streak, the question stands: are they really struggling?

“I’ve never been disappointed in them,” said Head Coach Rob Cross. “There was about a 10 minute stretch of just disappointment in the game.”

While the team is struggling to break their streak, the team is well aware of what struggle it is it needs to overcome.

“We just have to get on one page for 40 minutes,” said freshman guard Olivia Cunningham. “If we can focus then we can do it.”

Cross said while the women play well together for a short period of time, the team needs to work better together as a whole team rather than one person.

“We’re more focused on the idea of ‘me’,” Cross said. “When that happens it’s hard to close out. When you are fighting for your team it’s easier. If you’re fighting for you, it’s just not good.”

It isn’t a matter of points for the Racers. Overall, the team has scored 345 points against their opponents’ total of 371.

Cross said he is concerned about being worn out by the end of the game and bringing back the energy.

Working together as a team and not individually is the main goal, according to Cross.

Senior guard Keiona Kirby is averaging 15.5 points per game and 5.4 average rebounds per game.

Other players who are shooting high averages include freshman guard Olivia Cunningham who averages 11.8 points per game and freshman forward and guard, Ke’Shunan James who averages 15.3 points per game.

With scores like this and a turnover in energy the Racers could see a better outcome for the OVC Tournament.

#00 Netanya Jackson


Pts. per game: 6.4

FG %: .518

Rebounds: 8.1

Turnovers: 1.5

FT %: .583

Min. per game: 22.3

#13 Keiona Kirby


Pts. per game: 15.5

FG %: .349

Rebounds: 5.4

Turnovers: 1.8

FT %: .803

Min. per game: 33.4

#24 Olivia Cunningham


Pts. per game: 11.8

FG %: .406

Rebounds: 2.7

Turnovers: 4.1

FT %: .6610

Min. per game: 27.2

#20 Ke’Shunan James


Pts. per game: 15.3

FG %: .430

Rebounds: 5.9

Turnovers: 4.7

FT %: .734

Min. per game: 30.6

#30 Kyra Gulledge


Pts. per game: 4.8

FG %: .569

Rebounds: 4.9

Turnovers: 1.1

FT %: .714

Min. per game: 15.8

#31 Bianca Babic


Pts. per game: 4.0

FG %: .343

Rebounds: 1.6

Turnovers: .3

FT %: 1.0

Min. per game: 11.9

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