Unseen sports from the press box

It wasn’t until my junior year that I discovered we have an entire rifle range under Roy Stewart Stadium.

I’m not talking about a small, one or two line range; I’m talking about a fully equipped digitalized rifle range.

I also didn’t realize rifle was an Olympic sport or that we had student-athletes that have competed in the Junior Olympics.

While basketball and football usually get the most headlines, I think it’s important to remember there is more to the athletic world than those more popular sports.

We have a rifle team that is nationally ranked and a volleyball team that reined in an OVC Championship.

Not to mention a soccer team that went 11-9 in the season, put four players on the All-OVC Team and for their eighth consecutive year received the NSCAA Academic Award for having a 3.0 GPA.

Folks, we have some great athletes on this campus.

I have enough trouble working two jobs, being in a sorority and maintaining a 3.0 GPA.

While most athletes get scholarships to play at Murray State, not everyone does. I say bravo to all the athletes who work so hard to do what they do. Some people do it for the pure enjoyment and satisfaction.

The men’s cross-country team is on their own. They aren’t paid nor are they given scholarships to run.

Dedication at it’s finest.

This isn’t to put down anyone else who is involved.

Anyone who is a part of an organization on campus knows how difficult it can be to juggle that many hats.

I commend anyone who can be as involved as these athletes are.

With baseball season starting soon and track and field picking up I am sure to see plenty of accomplishments come across my desk in the form of an article. 

I have underestimated the incredibly talented people who practice and train every day for something they just love doing.

I feel a sense of similarity with athletes only because I study and practice doing something I love every day; writing.

These athletes’ accomplishments may go unnoticed by some oblivious people, but I have to point out that President Bob Davies has not let it go unnoticed.

He has made appearances at men’s and women’s basketball games, soccer games, volleyball games, rifle matches and even the nationally ranked bass anglers team.

I interview a wide variety of people and something I’ve heard from coaches is how they believe Davies is one of the most dedicated presidents they’ve encountered in their time.

I didn’t realize how important our sports are here at Murray State. I am proud to say I cover many of these sports and wouldn’t change my position of covering them.

Since it’s a new year, I’ll jump on the bandwagon and say I think we should all try to support more than just the basketball team and show up to more than tailgating for football.

I hope to see more of you down in the range watching our dedicated shooters and more people sitting in the stands for softball and baseball this season.

Column by Kelsey Randolph, Assistant Sports Editor

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  1. You have actually had a Racer participate in THE Olympics, Morgan Hicks!!

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