What you missed over Winter Break



“The Interview”

What’s funnier than picturing reading about Seth Rogen and James Franco in a history textbook? The two created a movie about having to assassinate the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un. Did anyone on the project even consider the repercussions of the plot? Many people argued the film had racist features, and didn’t like how the comedy duo used an oppressed, impoverished country to make jokes. North Korea didn’t think it was very funny either, when leader Kim Jong Un heard about the film, he called the film “an act of terrorism.”

trivia crack

Trivia Crack

Finally! An app that pits friends against one another to see who’s the smartest. When released in July of 2014, it took only a few months for Trivia Crack to become one of the most highly downloaded free apps of the year. Will Trivia Crack be continue to gain fans throughout 2015? Only time will tell.


Online Girl Scout cookies

The Girl Scouts gave the world the best Christmas present of all: online cookie orders. We no longer have to wait for little girls and their moms to set up outside of the local Wal Mart to buy our Girl Scout favorites. Now it’s as easy as going onto their website and ordering right there to have the cookies delivered straight to your door. It remains a topic as the real Girl Scout cookie season begins in 2015.

Persons hold placards saying Je Suis Charlie - I am Charlie


At the very beginning of 2015, a tragedy happened in Paris and its hashtag took the internet by storm. Charlie Hebdo is a popular satirical cartoon magazine with its office based in Paris. On Jan. 7, two masked Muslim extremists entered the office and killed 12 people. The hashtag #JeSuisCharlie, or “I am Charlie” caught fire as people all over the world rallied together. On Jan. 11, 2 million people took to the streets of Paris to march in support for freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

Compiled by Taylor Inman, Staff writer