Tips to take the sting out of finals

Now that students have survived the infamous and non-existent “dead” week, five weekdays separate students from freedom for the Winter Break. It is in these five days that preparations for final exams become significant and different routines to relieve the stress become prevalent.

For some students, sleep is an avid part of their preparation routine. Miranda Thompson, junior from Louisville, Ky., said although she has pulled all-nighters in the past  to prepare for her final exams, she typically tries to sleep more during finals week.

Sleep is an imaginary concept for other students who may be studying late at night for their early finals. Kyna Finley, sophomore from Cloverport, Ky., said her sleeping habits are irregular during finals week, but even more so during the last full week of classes.

With previous final exam experience, Thompson said she has never practiced any activities to relieve stress. This year, however, Thompson has decided it may be a good way to remain focused.

“I have been using time management and making sure to step away from school for a moment,” Thompson said. “I do yoga once a week and go to the gym everyday to get my mind away.”

Exercising is also important for Finley, who said that she will go to the gym mostly to procrastinate but doing so also helps her to relieve stress.

While some students may change an aspect of their normal routine, Matthew Fischer, senior from Evansville, In., said he believes there is strength in continuing his normal semester-long routine.

“I always eat healthy and work out throughout the week,” Fischer said. “I will perform the best if I continue to do that and not change that.”

Fischer, like many students, takes advantage of the library for finals week; however, he chooses to study there for reasons that others may not consider.

Fischer said studying in the library helps him generate ideas that may not have been possible on his own. He said studying with a group allows him to compare ideas with other people.

Fischer continues by saying he finds it helpful to study at his residence off campus when he needs to settle down and learn the materials and basic principles.

Similarly, Finley likes to study in her residential college room when she needs a quiet atmosphere.

“I will study by myself and have people quiz me (later) with my notecards to make sure I know the material,” Finley said.

Whether students have one, two or six finals, there are unique ways to prepare for final exams. For some sleep seems to be their escape, for others, spending time in the Wellness Center may be relaxing and soothing.

No matter the routine, five days separate grades from being in-progress to final status.

Story by Tiffany WhitfillStaff writer