Land of the Sea, home of the sports

I may go to a school in a small town in Kentucky and I might spend a lot of time here, but this hasn’t always been my home. I share my heart with the rainy city of Seattle.

For years I’ve spent my spring breaks, summer breaks and part of my Christmas breaks traveling more than 1,500 miles through smelly airports to visit my family. I’ve been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to share the place I call home with another state.

It doesn’t rain as much as everyone says; the clouds give everyone a nice undertone to their face. Starbucks is on every corner of every street and in every bookstore and mall. Microsoft dominates a majority of the property, rightfully so, and you meet someone new everyday that works there.

One thing, though, that comes with calling Seattle part of my home is that it is home to not only a Major League Baseball team but a Super Bowl champion.

Home of the Seattle Seahawks, Century Link (CLINK) and the twelfth-man phenomenon, I can happily say I love my city.

Game day looks a little like game day in most places. We rally the snack food, gather friends and turn the game on someone’s big TV. If you are fortunate enough to go to a game you pack your scarf, rain jacket, face paint and prepare your vocal chords.

I’ve been a loyal Seahawks fan after my father moved to Washington when I was six years old. I remember watching the game and listening to my father and his friends rant about how one day they’d see their justice.

It only took 14 years to get their justice at the 2014 Super Bowl.

While most people would say the Seahawks cheated the Denver Broncos when the Seahawks won 43-8, I can’t help but be a proud fan.

I have friends that complain because the Seahawks didn’t give the Broncos a chance, but really, how did they not?

In the spirit of the sport you don’t “give” someone a chance, you take what you can get and play a fair game.

With the holiday season approaching, everyone in my family will be sitting around the TV on Sunday afternoons to watch sports and yell at the referees for not making the right call. It’s always a great time.

This year, I don’t have as high hopes for their success, but they are pretty solid with a six game win and three game loss record.

I can’t mention the NFL team without talking about our MLB team, the Mariners.

It’s okay to laugh because we all know the Mariners don’t have a great record, but like the Seahawks, the Mariners have a good fan base.

Game day is the same; we all pack our scarves, baseball hats and popcorn to get us through the game. My family is one of many lucky season ticket holders to the Mariners.

We may not be the best, but we have the best. Among many is Robinson Cano, ranked eighth in baseball. We had Ichiro Suzuki, who sadly and bitterly left us for the New York Yankees in 2012, and we had Ken Griffey Jr. until he left for the Cincinnati Reds in 2000.

The land of blues and greens gives me my pride of Starbucks coffee, rainy days, MLB and NFL. I won’t let someone tell me the Seahawks didn’t give anyone a chance or that the Mariners don’t know what sliced bread is. I’ll always call them a part of my home.

Column by Kelsey Randolph, Assistant Sports Editor