Expo Center to host farm toy show

The William “Bill” Cherry Agricultural Exposition Center is hosting a toy show Nov. 14. The show will feature a lineup of various farm toys and boutique vendors.

The Expo Center will host the show from 6-9 p.m. and all day on the 15th from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. There will be concessions and the admission fee is $3.

The toy show has 20 vendors signed up to display items such as toy trains, model cars, farm toys and figurines.

These items are perfect for collectors and other people looking to be nostalgic and find old toys from their childhood that they might not be able to find otherwise.

“A lot of farmers collect farm toys, whether it be that they collect the ones that they drove when they were younger, or they collect the ones that their kids want,” said Becky Ballard, building manager at the Expo Center. “We have anything from model cars to toy trains. The vendors will have a lot of things for sale; any brand, any color and anything from the little 16  scale to the really big ones.”

The toy show not only offers toys and collectibles, but also a selection of clothing and accessories from boutiques around the Murray area.

The show will have vendors such as Origami Owl and Scentsy and possibly some local boutiques. Mary Kay representatives will also be in attendance.

This event will also be an excellent way to get Christmas shopping done before the stress of the holidays set in, Ballard said.

“We have jewelry vendors and clothing vendors,” she said. “We have a mix of everything when you include the toys. So it’s turned into a Christmas bazaar. So there will be all sorts of things to shop for.”

This is the first time the Expo Center has hosted the toy show.

Murray State organizations have tried to host a toy show in the past, but Ballard explained why this show will be unique.

“This is a brand new event for Murray; we took the idea of just having a farm toy show and built on it,” Ballard said. “The area where the boutiques are will be more of a shopping area. We wanted to appeal to not only collectors, but to Christmas shoppers as well.” 

Story by Taylor InmanStaff writer