Community eager to hear ‘Breaking Bad’ star’s story

It is not often students can listen to a celebrity who is famous for his work in a TV series portraying the son of a meth chemist.

Wednesday, students at Murray State can listen to RJ Mitte, better known as Walt “Flynn” White Jr. from the award-winning series “Breaking Bad” on Murray State’s campus.

After fame and fortune, some students may be curious about Mitte’s experiences in the film industry. Lowell Stevens, senior from Albuquerque, N. M., is a fan of “Breaking Bad.”

Stevens said the series was addictive to watch and he is excited to hear from one of the stars. 



“I want to go because it’s a major actor from a major piece of television drama,” Stevens said. “And it’s interesting to divorce who he is from his character.”

Stevens is not only interested in understanding the role of Walt “Flynn” White Jr. He said he enjoyed the moral ambiguity of the characters and that the series was set in his hometown.

“I think RJ might talk about the relationship between the actors and it would be interesting to hear how being on set was or what the fame was like,” he said.

Some students are captivated by the skill and fame of the characters, others are interested in the background and personal life of the actors. Engaged fans may know that Walt “Flynn” White Jr. has cerebral palsy, but some may not know that Mitte also has a milder form of cerebral palsy and has struggled with mobility throughout his life.

Bridgette McAuliffe, freshman from Shepherdsville, Ky., has never watched “Breaking Bad” but is interested in hearing RJ Mitte speak for another reason.

  “I am always interested in learning about diseases that aren’t so well-known and the effects they have on individuals and their family and friends,” McAuliffe said.

Mitte will discuss his battles with cerebral palsy as well as his acting career in hopes to inspire the student population to chase after their dreams no matter what setbacks they may have.

Grant Grissom, Student Government Association vice president, hopes for students to attend the lecture to help Mitte achieve his goal.

“(Mitte) is coming to present a lecture, focusing on his excellent film career as well as his struggles and successes with cerebral palsy,” Grissom said. “The goal is for him to provide an inspirational testimony to students that they can achieve great things, no matter what their limits, as well as to relate to some awesome popular television subjects, as ‘Breaking Bad’ is one of the most critically and generally acclaimed television shows of all time.”

The lecture will take place at 8 p.m. Nov. 12 in the Large Ballroom in the Curris Center. Grissom believes that because Mitte is personally inspiring, students will not be disappointed by attending the lecture.

Story by Tiffany Whitfill, Staff writer