Lecture encourages male students to step up, ‘Be a Man’

In the wake of the recent sexual assaults on campus, Murray State is working to protect  its community against further incidents.

To help increase awareness of on-campus violence, Bertus Ferreira, director of the criminal justice program, organized a lecture titled, “Be a Man.”

Ferreira gave advice on the treatment of women and the statistics of sexual assault and dating violence.



The seminar was only open to males and addressed difficult incidents students might come across. An all-female seminar was held a month prior on Oct. 23.

     Ferreira began the lecture with an anecdote from his childhood about his mother teaching him how the world works.

     “No one is above the law,” he said.

      “Treat females equally: be supportive of them making their own choices about love, life, education & careers,” Ferreira said.

He repeated the theme: “be a man,” and explained men should embrace a role of kindness as opposed to seeking selfish pleasures and dangerous activities.

Ninety percent of sexual assaults occur with the presence of alcohol, Ferreira said, attributing the statistic to the Clery Act.

Alcohol, drugs and tobacco all serve as nothing more than destruction for one’s body, he said. 

He lectured on the dangers on drunk driving. Bystander intervention, when others witness sexual violence and intervene, reduces the rate of sexual assault and rape by 50 percent, he said. 

Simple mediation could make a difference and campus awareness can create a safer and more secure environment, Ferreira said.

“What if that was your sister, your mother?” he said. “Would you sit idly by as they are harassed?”

Ferreira ended his speech by encouraging the audience to think of others and to do what is morally correct.

“Care about people,” he said. “Look out for people. Be responsible for your own deeds. Do what is right.”

Story by Teddy Martin, Contributing writer