Haunted Houses

Graphic by Summer Bush


Graphic by Summer Bush

Graphic by Summer Bush


  • Talon Falls Screampark

Talon Falls is bringing the most it has ever offered this year. Its Adventure Park, made especially for families, includes a corn maze and other fun autumn activities. And be ready to be scared four times over at the Screampark which features the Dead End Haunted House, Sinister Circus 3D, The Blood Creek Hayride with its theme this year being “Twisted Tales” and last but not least, a Talon Falls movie you can watch.

  • The Industrial Slaughterhouse

The Industrial Slaughterhouse is terrifying those who dare to enter with two spooktacular attractions this year. The Industrial Slaughterhouse has new tunnels opened inside, what horrors lie in the new labyrinth? Only those who are willing to explore can find out! And be prepared to see monsters and ghouls only brought out by a blood moon in Extermination: Beasts of the Blood Moon.


  • The Forest of Illusions

The Forest of Illusions is a creepy walk through of a dark forest where terrifying creatures are taking cover in the night, waiting for their next victims to come strolling by.


  • Fear Factory

A scary extravaganza in a real, old three story factory building. They have filled 8,000 square feet up to the brim with spooky rooms including an asylum, circus, maze and other scary venues.


  • The 13th Realm

The 13th Realm is one of Tennessee’s most terrifying venues. Its three attractions this year are The After Life, Voodoo and Nocturnal. It’s well worth the drive to experience 30 acres of these scary attractions.