Jacobs elected new Faculty Regent

The empty seat of Faculty Regent has been filled by newly elected Regent Martin Jacobs, professor of education.

Jacobs, who has 16 years as an educator under his belt, was elected Wednesday after a vote on MyGate.

Running against Jacobs was James “Corky” Broughton, professor in the School of Nursing and Health Professions.

Elections were held Monday and Tuesday, following an open forum for the candidates held in Wrather Auditorium Oct. 9.

Jacobs said after the announcement as newly elected Regent, he was welcomed with congratulations.

“There’s been a lot going on and it’s been so great to get so many well wishes from so many people,” Jacobs said. “It’s definitely building the confidence and the focus.”

He said the election as Faculty Regent is amidst an energetic time at the University, which has been due to the strong impression President Bob Davies has instilled during his first few months at Murray State.

He said along with the strategic initiatives plan that is being formed, he feels good about the new position.

Jacobs said he felt his experience at the University, along with some colleague encouragement, inspired him to run for the position.

“I have been involved in advocating for faculty and students in the time I’ve been at Murray State University, and I think that we’ve had a number of years in the state of Kentucky where there have been tough economic times,” he said. “It’s been tough on faculty, staff and students. I think this is a time to step up and move things forward in developing initiatives and advocating for the University for the funding we need.”

He said such funding includes wages for faculty and staff, but it always comes back to the students.

As a teacher for his entire professional life, Jacobs said he sees the University as student-centered, and hope that during this time everything can come together.

He said as a Regent, he intends to become as well-informed as he can and develop as many perspectives as possible.

While he has officially been voted Faculty Regent, he said this next period of time for him is a time of learning, orientation and developing connections.

“We have a board meeting in December; I have to fully prepare for that,” Jacobs said. “But I have been on the Faculty Senate, so to really continue the good networks with Dr. Goggins and the leadership within that. I think it’s a time to learn quite a bit, but within the learning to really set up some action planning and way the faculty can be really productive in setting the kind of policy and really moving forward.”


Story by Mary Bradley, Editor-in-Chief