Racers in overtime with Southeast Missouri

Kalli Bubb/The News The Racers and Redhawks battle for a ball Saturday at Roy Stewart Stadium.

Kalli Bubb/The News
The Racers and Redhawks battle for a ball Saturday at Roy Stewart Stadium.

The Racers wasted no time as quarterback K.D. Humphries connected with receiver Nevar Griffin for a touchdown less than five minutes into the first quarter.

Play alternated between the Racers and the Redhawks for the duration of the quarter, with injuries on both sides causing two Southeast Missouri players and one Murray State player to be assisted off the field.

The second scoring play of the game came with less than two minutes to play in the quarter. Southeast Missouri’s Ryan McCrum kicked a 21-yard field goal, and the clock wound down with the Racers leading 7-3.

The Redhawks were the first on the board in the second quarter as quarterback Kyle Snyder found the hands of receiver Adrian Davis for a five-yard pass to put them above the Racers 10-7.

The Racers returned the favor less than a minute later when Humphries passed to receiver Janawski Davis for a 75-yard touchdown.

The Redhawks once again put 3 points on the board with a last minute field goal by McCrum. The half ended with the Racers up 14-13.

The Racers kept their pace going into the second half as Humphries and Griffin teamed up again to put a touchdown on the board less than a minute in, extending their lead to eight.

Redhawk quarterback Kyle Snyder rushed for a touchdown with just 2:07 left on the clock in the third quarter. Southeast Missouri’s two-point conversion tied the game at 21.

The Racers took the lead again shortly after off a five yard pass from Humphries to DeQavius Walker with just 28 seconds left in the quarter.

The fourth quarter did not provide such an easy start for the Racers, and Southeast Missouri scored two uncontested touchdowns to take the lead 35-28. They found their groove again as Humphries found Griffin once more with just 46 seconds left on the clock. They chose to take the extra point to tie the game 35-35, and head into overtime at the end of four quarters.

The Redhawks won the coin toss and opted to start on defense in overtime. Kicker Carson Greifenkamp hit a 20-yard field goal to put the Racers up 38-35 as Southeast Missouri takes over on offense.

St. Pierre Anilus sacked Snyder on third down and the game appeared to be over, but Redhawk kicker Ryan McCrum forced play to continue as he hit a 52-yard field goal to tie the game.

In second overtime, the Racers took over on defense first. McCrum kicked a 30-yard field goal to put the Redhawks on top.

The Racers took over on offense and a pass from Humphries to Davis put them ahead to end the game 44-41 after two overtime periods.