CMT is coming to town

I would just like to take this time to say thank you to the entire student body and faculty and everyone else who voted for us to win the CMT College Town Sweepstakes.

Do you guys realize what a huge deal this is going to be for all of us students? How can anyone not be as excited about this as I am right now?

We are being promised a huge country act for free, right here on our very own campus.

It could be anyone, and it will probably even be someone the University would not have been able to afford under any other circumstances.

I know social media on campus has been getting a bad rap lately, but I think this contest is proof that sometimes, well most of the time, social media is used for good and not evil.

Without word about the contest spreading like wildfire around campus over social media, the idea of a university as small as ours beating out other schools three and four times larger than ours would be downright crazy.

Everyone who voted should give themselves a pat on the back, and if you did not vote, you might as well go pat someone on the back who did and say “thank you.”

Because no one knows exactly who the big name is that will visit our campus, it has become everyone’s favorite game to try and place a bet on who it will be.

My hopes are that they will not only bring a large-name country act, but also a smaller name also.

I am holding out hope for my favorite up-and-comer, Sam Hunt, to make the bill.

Students are hoping acts like Florida Georgia Line, Miranda Lambert and Tim McGraw are  names being considered for the main act.

While the wait is on for the final word, everyone go dust off your cowboy hat and best pair of cowboy boots, because CMT is coming to town.

Column by Breanna SillAssistant Features Editor