Regent accepts new staff position

Fister_ReneeFaculty Regent Renee Fister is stepping down from the Board of Regents after accepting the position of Senior Presidential Advisor of Strategic Initiatives.

The position is in replace of the President’s Chief of Staff, but Fister said the position comes with a different job requirements.

She said her position is to assist President Davies with situations as they arise.

The Senior Presidential Advisor of Strategic Initiatives is a full time job.

She is retaining her professor status at the University. Fister said she will continue to teach the class schedule she has.

A new Faculty Regent will be elected prior to the Dec. Board of Regents meeting.

In an e-mail to Murray State faculty, Fister said, “I have enjoyed serving in this capacity as your faculty representative and working with you to enhance the mission and goals of this University.”

Fister was selected to serve as Faculty Regent in April 2013.

She has taught at Murray State for 17 years and is a tenured professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

Before Fister, Jack Rose was Murray State’s faculty regent. He resigned after the board voted 7-4 not to renew former President Randy Dunn’s contract.

He is now running for mayor in the City of Murray against Bill Wells.


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