HOT HANGOUTS: five best places to chill

Hannah Fowl/The News Students enjoy the weather while working on homework and catching up with friends on the benches.
Hannah Fowl/The News Students enjoy the weather while working on homework and catching up with friends on the benches.

Hannah Fowl/The News
Students enjoy the weather while working on homework and catching up with friends on the benches.

College life is a blend of academics and social interaction. For many, breaks between classes are a blessing and can be used to catch up on class work or to hang out with friends.

Across campus, there are a variety of locations which seem to draw many students who need a place to relax and socialize with friends between their daily duties.

Here are just a few of the hottest hangouts for students on Murray State’s campus.



One area with a lot of traffic seems to be not only a popular place for lunch, but also group meetings. The Thoroughbred Room, located on the second floor of the Curris Center, is full of students from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Students often plan to meet with friends or catch up with what is on TV. Chris Patel, senior from Russsellville, Ky., enjoys both the food and social aspect of the area.

“Lunch break is a great time to see people,” Patel said.

He added that you can usually see who you want to see at lunch because it is a common time to meet. However, if you are looking for a place to study, Patel thinks it is too noisy and distracting to get work done.

Kjay Percell, sophomore from Belleville, Ill., enjoys going to the T-Room because there are usually people there to pass time with.

“It’s more entertaining to find other people to chill with than to stay in your room all day,” Percell said.

Whether students need breakfast or lunch, look to the T-Room to provide entertainment for all.



An obvious hot spot for many students is on the benches in front of the Carr Health Building.

Timmy Tucker, junior from Hardinsburg, Ky., often benches to pass the time and socialize with friends. He mentioned it lets him see a lot of his friends and new faces on campus.

“(Sitting on the benches) allows me to talk to people (I know) and meet new people,” Tucker said. “I like being outside.”

Tucker said he occasionally finishes homework from the benches, but it depends on how busy the walkway is.

He added that most of the time people usually sit down to chat and leave at their own convenience.



While many think of the library as a place for quiet studying, others see the area outside as a common meeting place. Dominique Horton, sophomore from Louisville, Ky., hangs out with her friends about three times a week outside of Waterfield Library. Horton chooses to spend time on campus between classes because if she left she would lose her parking spot and staying on campus saves gas, she said.

There are other students, like Horton, that have similar feelings. Jennifer Siner, junior from Selmer, Tenn., said spending time between her back to back classes is easier here than to leaving campus.

“If it is a sunny day I may sit outside and read,” Siner said. She added that she also may get homework done while sitting outside with friends.

The women said the busiest time of day for this spot is around noon.



Another popular spot on campus also allows students to enjoy the outdoor scenery.

The Quad offers benches in an area that can easily be transformed into a social lounge spot or place to peacefully catch up on homework.

Courtney Reinagel, senior from Kelso, Mo., spends at least some of her time everyday at the Quad.

“It is relaxing to sit out here,” Reinagel said.

She added that it can be a popular spot where she enjoys either hanging out with friends or finishing up homework.

Some students set up slack lines and practice the skill between trees on the Quad. Others choose to play frisbee, nap or read a book.

Occasionally, Campus Activities Board or other on-campus organizations will invite a local band to play on the Quad.



One of the most relaxing places to hang out on campus is the TV room in the Curris Center.

There is comfortable seating and, as the name implies, a flat-screen TV for your viewing pleasure.

The area also has plenty of wall outlets for charging laptops and phones.

Codey Cox, junior from Hodgenville, Ky., said when he has down time he likes to enjoy the Curris Center lounge.

Cox said leaving campus between classes would be a hassle, so instead he chooses to spend time relaxing there.

“I would lose my parking spot,” Cox said.

Students may also ask the attendant to change the channel if what is playing does not interest them.


Story by Tiffany Whitfill, Staff writer