Extreme Makeover: College Edition

Moving into a residential college can be disheartening because of the drab floors and blank, white walls. With some cheap and simple do-it-yourself projects, a room can be transformed into a home away from home.



Placing movie and superhero posters is a good way to cover wall space and make even the smallest room feel familiar, but there are several other creative ways to keep one’s own space looking fresh and contemporary.

Washi tape is a great resource when decorating storage containers, notebooks or doors. Large geometric shapes or lines on a door can make a bold statement about a student’s room, and it’s a creative way to make a space feel welcoming from the first moment the student sees his or her door.

Rugs can change cold, hard tile into something more comfortable and creative, but they can be expensive. To avoid the cost of a store-bought rug and add a hint of color and individuality to the room, students can paint their own rugs.

Canvas drop cloths are large and can be bought at home-improvement stores. They cover a lot of surface area, and they’re cheap. When they’re painted with craft paint, it can complete a room and make it more comfortable. Custom rugs add individuality to a room and make it different from the typical dorm.



Lofted beds allow more space for work and play. To make a room with a lofted bed quaint and cozy, hang curtains from the bottom of the bed to create a “fort” and a private workspace.

In college, organization is key. Class schedules and club meetings can become a blur at the beginning of a semester, so lists and sticky note reminders can be helpful. Corkboards are perfect for hanging reminders, pictures or motivational quotes, and they’re lightweight and easy to hang.

To update a boring corkboard, cover it with fabric. Walmart sells packs of corkboard, which can be cut into circles or funky shapes and covered with fabric. Gluing fabric on the corkboard is easy and gives students the opportunity to add individuality and character.



High-rise beds are handy for extra storage and provide seating and space to relax after a grueling day of class. Bed stands can be purchased at the book store or Walmart.

Most residential college rooms are small enough as it is, so clutter and extra storage containers tend to make a room seem stuffy and uncomfortable. When the bed is lifted, it gives students the opportunity to store clothes, shoes, books or even extra seating underneath the bed.

Students could even put a large beanbag or futon under the bed to be pulled out when entertaining friends on the weekend.

Not only are these options cheap and convenient, but they can add touches of personality to a residential college room and make students feel at home. With all the responsibilities that come with being a college student, it’s important to come back to a place that feels cozy.


Story by Madison Wepfer, Staff writer